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Voltage SecureMail


IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone who has received Voltage encrypted email can use this application to read. Composing and sending new secure email from the app, and enforcing mobile policy controls, requires a license for Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition.Key Features:
• Read encrypted email and attachments• Compose new secure email messages• Send secure email with one tap of a “Send Secure” button• Send and receive secure email to and from anyone• Works with your device's native email applications and inboxes• Support for local contacts• Works with popular Android phones, tablets, and email clients• Simple self-registration and authentication• Works with popular desktop, cloud, and web-based email systems
Read Messages:
• Install this mobile app on your Android device• Return to your inbox and tap a secure message• Tap the "message_zdm.html" attachment• Tap Open and then tap Voltage SecureMail
Send Messages:
• Install this mobile app on your Android device• Open the Voltage SecureMail app• Tap the Compose icon
Supported OS Versions:
Android 2.3 and later.
More Information:
• Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition:• Support: